The Earth and Environmental Engineering Department encourages alumni to keep in touch as part of the Columbia University community.

Please share your information via email to stay connected and up to date on alumni events, networking opportunities, and departmental gatherings with our Career Placement officer, Raina Ranaghan.

As an alumni you are encouraged to take advantage of the many events and opportunities available to you. If you are job hunting, the greater Columbia University community can be a powerful ally. Visit the Columbia Alumni Connection or the Columbia Alumni Association web site and explore the many career resources there - from networking events, career coaching, job postings and more. 

We look forward to seeing you back on campus! 

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Raina Ranaghan

Career Placement Officer

842E Mudd Building


EAEE Alumni Group

Earth and Environmental Engineering has a LinkedIn group that many of our alumni and outsiders interested in the field have joined. You are welcome to join this group.