Because of its inherent diversity and recent growth, numerous merit-based financial support programs are available in the field of Earth and Environmental Engineering, both within and outside Columbia University.

Scholarships and Fellowships

EEE students frequently apply for and are often awarded these scholarships and fellowships to offset educational costs associated with tuition and living expenses.

External Research Grants

The primary funding sources for EEE graduate students are external research grants awarded to individual faculty members. Each year admitted graduate students are paired with available grants based on their stated interests on their application, and subsequent conversations.

Teaching Assistantships

A limited amount of departmental funding is available for exceptional graduate students in the form of teaching assistantships. Tuition and stipend is provided in exchange for supporting designated undergraduate- and graduate-level classes, thorugh grading, office hours, recitations, etc. Full or partial support may be awarded. Teaching Assistants (T.A.s) are typically offered to first-year graduate students, though continuing students may also receive support.

Presidential Distinguished Fellowships

Each year, the most outstanding applicants to the EEE doctoral programs (including M.S./Ph.D.) are nominated for a Presidential Distinguished Fellowship. This prestigious award is offered by the Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and provides full tuition and annual stipend of 24,000 dollars for four years. EEE applicants typically receive one or two such awards each year.

Financial Support Program

A list of financial support programs is available.